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Listing Policy



The aim of WalletMatrix is and always has been to provide accurate and up-to-date Bitcoin wallet information, sourced straight from vendors and maintainers themselves. While we transition our data to a 100% vendor-managed model, data-quality will necessarily vary given that it's manually edited. Please review our public disclaimer with regard to data accuracy.


Anyone is welcome to suggest that a wallet to be listed, but there are some minimum requirements that we endeavour to adhere-to:

Bitcoin First

WalletMatrix is a Bitcoin-only wallet resource. We understand the value proposition of Bitcoin and the societal changes it has the potential to bring about globally, something that we're both very excited and very passionate about. As such, our featured wallets will be Bitcoin First. Should a wallet feature support for additional coins, these will be listed and searchable but alt-coins are certainly not our primary focus.

Public Provenance

Wallets should have been available for public download, installation and general use for at least 6 months. We believe that this time-period is sufficient for issues of quality, transparency and functionality to have been made public and ironed-out. Issues such as scams, lost coins, poor vendor communication and bugs are an unfortunate reality in this domain which we are keen to minimise or eliminate.

We will also endeavour to de-list wallets that have been proven to comprise any of the above problems, subsequent to their publication on WalletMatrix.

Domain Provenance

Like the public provenance above, an additional check that will contribute toward reducing scams is to ensure that a wallet's primary website domain has been registered for a minimum of 6 months.

Open Source

We are huge advocates of open source software and will choose to list wallets with all or some open-source components over completely closed or licensed software. Open Source software is amenable to community scrutiny and engenders open dialogue and communication, all of which we believe contribute to a reduced security and privacy attack surface.

We also appreciate that some software components necessarily comprise private intellectual property where unique features and services are offered. This is why we could never state that all featured wallets should be 100% open source. This is simply not the reality of the current Bitcoin Wallet ecosystrem.