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WalletMatrix inverts the manual and centralised process employed by similar projects: It encourages vendors to advertise their wallet's features in a file that they compose. And because it's written in a standard format based on JSON Schema, it can be consumed automatically by WalletMatrix.

This JSON file is based on a common schema and wallet features become available for searching on because they were ratified for inclusion in the schema via GitHub pull requests with participating vendors. The ratification process occurs for each new schema version release. When complete, some modifications to the automated import system may be needed before new features become available for use.

Added a new feature recently? It'll be available on WalletMatrix at most an hour later.

Available Versions

The latest stable schema version is Version 3 and was released in Q4 2020. The next iteration of the WalletMatrix JSON schema will be version 4 incoming in Q2 2022 and we invite comment from vendors as to option and value naming.